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Simon Stemberger is a Melbourne-based videogame/film composer, with a Bachelor of Music Performance at COLLARTS majoring on electric guitar and a Bachelor of Applied Music in Composition from Box Hill Institute.

Through his extensive education, Simon has experience in creating and implementing sound design, foley and music for advertisements, trailers and videogames.

This includes the use of midware audio implementation programs such as FMOD.

Simon was recruited by Audio Generalist Aaron C. Edwards as a Music and Audio Editing Assistant on the videogame Puzzle Quest 3 and the Gems of War: Gnomapalooza event. Recently Simon worked on the sound design and soundtrack for the game Mage Escape as part of a collaboration with AIE University.

Simon has worked on numerous short films in various capacities - from sound design to composition - with both Deakin and Swinburne Universities. He has additionally composed music for the Melbourne-based Syzygy Ensemble. In August, the label Tremorverse included Simon’s Ambient Gothic piece “Repentance” on their 2020 Compilation Album.

Simon’s fiercest interests include medieval and ancient history; Japanese music, media and food; and, of course, the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Between his insatiable passion for composition and sound design - his roots in the Metal, Celtic, Medieval, Orchestral and Hybrid-Orchestral styles – and his meticulous work ethic, Simon has developed a diverse array of audio creation skills to invest in every project he devotes himself to.


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